About Us

Maavi Turkish Cotton Hammam Beach Towels

At Maavi we believe in ethically produced quality products and we are proud to have the best collection of Turkish Hammam towels reflecting these values. Our luxury towels are directly from the local community, based in rural Anatolia. Each towel has been beautifully handcrafted and finished by local women, often working from their homes.

Traditional Turkish Hammam towels have a long history originating from weaving art and being used for centuries in ancient Turkish and Roman Baths. Produced from the finest local sustainable cotton, they are extremely absorbent and beautifully soft on the skin. Such a simple item, yet so versatile, with an array of different uses; as a towel, sarong, light blanket, tablecloth, pillow (rolled up), shoulder wrap, throw or even a picnic cover.

Maavi is based in the UK, and we are aiming to change the concept of a regular 'terry' towel, which is bulky and heavy when wet, and to improve your experience on the beach, at the pool, in the spa, and especially for travel.

Made in Turkey. Used for centuries. Ideal for everything.